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Top 3 Lawn Grass Lawn Guru Recommends

Meet the grasses we prefer to use but are not limited to. Let discuss finding the right solution for your needs.


Not all grass types are the same, here are the top three grasses that we prefer to use when sowing new seeds or instant lawns that cover various purposes and needs. From backyard cricket and entertainment area, to golf greens and lawns for small to large sections, selecting the right grass would be helpful to determine the growing needs and aftercare.

Tall Fescue

A moderate fine dense grass which is darker green and has excellent colour retention.

  • This lawn is cut higher at a recommended height of 50-150mm.
  • It has excellent drought and shade tolerance.
  • It also contains endophyte which can inhibit insect damage.

Turf Rye Grass

A medium to fine leaf with attractive glossy mid-green colour.

  • Has active winter growth and is very hard-wearing.
  • Quick to establish.
  • The ideal height of its cut is between  30 – 50mm.
  • Contain endophytes that can inhibit insect damage.

Fine Fescue

Very fine leaf and texture. Takes the longest to establish.

  • Excellent drought and shade tolerance.
  • Can be cut lower and ideally between 25 – 50mm.
  • All other invasive grasses such as Poa Annva and couch can be sprayed with little effect on the fine fescue grass plant.
  • Great if your soils are full of grass weeds.

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